Angelina Jolie + Salt = High Octane Margarita

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If you’re an Angelina Jolie fan, then this is an exciting week for you because her latest film, “Salt”, opens this week. And she’s scheduled to make a last minute appearance at the Comic-Con Convention in San Diego to promote the movie. Fans everywhere are going to try to get last minute tickets, but supposedly this extremely popular convention was sold out months ago… last year, if I’m not mistaken.

I found a review of the film here.

And of course there’s the official site and trailer.

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The Official Site

“Salt” is a very silly movie, and by the end of its brisk and breathless running time (and I mean that literally), it makes the “Bourne” movies look like documentaries.

I’m not entirely sure that’s a bad thing. —

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The Internet Is Abuzz…

Without a doubt, the most popular post at the “Zen Garden” is something I’d written about Angelina Jolie’s diet. And, I’d written about this phenomenon here.

As many of you probably know, there was news that Angelina Jolie had fainted on the set while filming “Salt”. Apparently, it was due in part to a special liquid diet she’d been on to lose weight for the movie. Call it a publicity thing or maybe a sign she is anorexic. Frankly, I would think you’d have to be in pretty darn good physical shape to do these action movies (and she’d been doing them for years now).

Anyway, in the official trailer she looks really great, and doesn’t look anorexic at all to me. And, I’ve been on the set before filiming on a past TV show and know for a fact that a typical filming day can last 15-16 hours. It is long, physically demanding work.

Yesterday, I saw the trailer/preview to the movie Salt (starring Angelina Jolie). She looked great! Her complexion looked as radiant as ever. Though, many people have mentioned (including my wife) that she seemed skinnier than usual. And, supposedly she passed out during the making of the film, with rumors that she was on a special diet that caused her to lose even more weight. Thus, the controversy continues regarding whether she might be anorexic or not.

Of course, there is no proof (medically speaking) that she is, in fact, anorexic. But the Salt movie looks like a very action-packed film, so I imagine she had to get physical.

Anyway, the facts in my article were based mostly from her Tomb Raider training days. I don’t think anyone is absolutely sure what she is currently eating nowadays, but most people seem to think not much.

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The Official Trailer

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I seldom go to the movie theaters these days, but it looks like this upcoming movie is definitely one I will go and see before it reaches Blockbuster and Netflix.

How about you? Do you want to see this movie?



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