My Annual Wellness Checkup 2017

My Annual Wellness Checkup 2017

I just had my annual physical checkup today and I’m happy to say that I passed with flying colors!

Yay me!

Okay, my triglyceride levels were slightly borderline, but much much lower than before. So, extra points for the effort.

I’m not diabetic, and I don’t have cancer. My heart and lungs are normal.

Overall, I’m happy with my results.

So, the high-carb, low fat vegan diet is working for me. And, I could eat more of a low-fat vegan diet too.

The Thing About Cholesterol

So, my overall cholesterol level (I’m happy to share it) is 168, but I was hoping for less than 150 as a vegan.

Granted, I just got back from China, Tibet and Hong Kong and I was told the food was all vegan that I ate. Maybe there was some chicken broth or fish broth used somewhere that I didn’t know about. Thus the problem with being vegan.

Cholesterol Levels

  • Healthy Range = 199 and below
  • Borderline High = 200 to 239
  • Too High = 240 and above

But 168 is well below the borderline high range of 200 to 239, and the high range of 240 and above.

Studies are saying now that cholesterol isn’t a factor when you consume it, and the body makes its own cholesterol from the liver. Still, saturated fats and other animal byproducts are what accompanies cholesterol in animal foods.

It’s important to note that I am not taking any cholesterol lowering medications. My vegan diet is what’s keeping my cholesterol where it is. And I used to be a total omnivore and my cholesterol was 228 at one point. So, even though articles are saying cholesterol in animal foods aren’t a factor, from my experience they are to some extent. Just suspicious of the meat and dairy industry propaganda out there.

I still go by Dr. Ellsworth Wareham who’s a 102 year old vegan and retired thoracic hearth surgeon. He’s seen it all as far as open heart surgeries go. It depends on your hereditary disposition, but we get all that plaque buildup in our arteries from animal foods. So, how much is too much? And what is in-moderation?

The thing that all these NEW articles are saying about cholesterol-consumed doesn’t matter, is that it might not be the cholesterol but the saturated fat that usually accompanies cholesterol. That saturated fat is what still causes hardening and blockages of the arteries and ultimately a heart attack.

Since heart attack seems to run in the family, that is my primary concern. So, I continue to live the vegan lifestyle and take my diet to healthier levels…



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