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  • Money
    Are You Taking Your Frugal Lifestyle Too Far?

    Are You Practicing Extreme Frugal Living? This type of question seems to be circulating around cyberspace recently. At first, I was thinking this is some sort of conspiracy created by retail merchants to make people feel guilty about spending, and ease up on being so frugal. Well, one has

  • Raw Vegan Diet
    The Protein Myth – A Good Explanation

    Where Do You Get Your Protein? What is the Protein Myth? It’s the fact that the Meat and Dairy industries have perpetuated the false claim that you need animal protein in order to survive. And that you won’t get enough protein unless you eat animal products. Of course, we

  • Serene Sunday
    Random Sunday Stuff in April 2017

    Bill O’Reilly Based on the couple of times I’ve seen his The O’Reilly Factor, I always wondered why this sexual cretin has been so popular all this time. Granted, his show was extremely popular and the most popular on the Fox Network, but what does that really mean? That

  • garden backyard
    The Latest from the Garden: April 2017

    The Latest from the Garden: April 2017 Here are the latest photos from the rose garden. I’m getting a few more strong flowers compared to last year when there was more of a drought in San Diego. The current method this year: Fertilizing with Dr. Earth’s Organic Rose and


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