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    Life Anew. Each Day A Blessing .:.

    Life Anew. Each Day A Blessing Every day you wake up is another chance at doing something special in your life. Each new day is a new opportunity. Don’t be afraid to try your best. Be resilient. Be determined. Each life goal should be handled with baby steps. We

  • Morning Cup
    Morning Cup: The Random Hump Day Edition

    Morning Cup: The Random Hump Day Edition Right now I’m sipping my rare cup of decaf coffee (Starbucks Verismo Decaf Espresso) and my gluten-free oatmeal by Nature’s Path. And it feels like a healthy vegan start to the day. And it’s also raining lighty outside but we are officially

  • Vegan Deli Sandwich
    Alzheimer’s Disease and Meat Consumption

    We Are What We Eat When my doctor diagnosed me with high blood pressure and potential heart disease, she put me on the strictest diet of very low saturated fat and cholesterol, and I could eat white fish once or twice a week. Maybe eat turkey breast which is

  • Doctor Oz Promotes Vegan Diet, While Promoting Guilt-Free Meat?

    Doctor Oz is a Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon who gained popularity with his daily television show promoting healthy living and nutritious eating, as well as exploring ways to lose weight. Doctor Oz Promoting the Vegan Diet? Say What? Yes, it’s true according to Happy Healthy Vegan’s YouTube video, and he even


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