Thursday, June 28, 2018:

DOW +90.40—-NASDAQ +57.53—-SP500 +18.65—-NYSE +63.47

Portfolio Leaders: AMZN, T, ISRG
Portfolio Laggards: BGS, BPT, RTN

We had a nice rally day today. I mean, it was much higher into the triple digits, and at the final closing bell the DOW finished at 90.40 points. Tech stocks and the NASDAQ pretty much led the way.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018: Random Observations, Portfolio Gainers

DOW +75.97—-NASDAQ -26.84—-SP500 +4.85—-NYSE +12.05

Portfolio Leaders: BA, CAT, T
Portfolio Laggards: SHOP, ISRG, AMZN

There was a better rally earlier, and now it’s dissipating. Industrial like BA and CAT rallied back a bit this morning. Tech stocks are lower this morning. GOOG has really fallen.

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