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  • Vegan Food Pyramid
    Vegan 2017: A Documentary

    More and more people are turning to Veganism, either as a more healthy solution to a chronic illness or health issue they are experiencing, or simply to support animal rights and to prevent the torture and killing of animals.

    Vegan 2017 is the latest documentary I’ve come across on the subject of Veganism.

  • The Himalayas
    A Whirlwind of an India Trip…

    Right now, I’m suffering time shifts of jet lag, having just finished a whirlwind tour through India.

    I have a gazillion photos to sort through and ‘curate’ before sharing them on Flickr and Facebook. Sure, I’d like to post them on Instagram too, but I like Facebook’s ability to create nice photo albums, while they also get posted on my timeline.

  • vegetable tempura
    The Pros and Cons of Getting Protein on a Vegan Diet

    Here’s the deal…

    The average American thinks that he/she needs protein from animals in order to survive.

    This idea/concept couldn’t be further from the truth.

    And I’ll use the analogy of the race horse once again, because a horse is the perfect example of a sentient being and mammal that thrives on a Vegan Diet!

  • Donald Trump
    Will Trump Take Credit for Today’s Downward Market?

    If you’ve studied Trump’s twitter feed, you noticed that when something goes wrong, he blames others. But, when something goes right, he takes credit for it. When he is critiqued by the so-called liberal media, he simply calls it fake news. But the fact remains that he generates his own fake news, and at the very least, he exaggerates certain claims, like taking credit for the stock market when it’s doing well.

  • hybrid tea roses
    Neglecting the Garden and Roses

    I’ve been neglecting the garden lately. That is why I haven’t posted photos in quite awhile.

    I used to have some beautiful rose bushes and just do a search on this site to find the best of the blooms, but right now it’s Autumn and the roses aren’t doing well at all.


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