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  • Beast Burger
    HCLF Vegan Diets

    one of my friends was telling me i shouldn’t lose too much weight… but, they shouldn’t worry too much because i’m using a ‘nutritional tracker’… and i eat a LOT of food as a Vegan…

    for instance, i have two breakfasts. ‘first breakfast’ and ‘second breakfast’ and between the two i’m getting 1,000 calories.

  • vegetable tempura
    8 Things I’ve Learned Being a Vegan

    As a longtime Vegan, there are some key things that I’ve learned about diet and living a Vegan lifestyle:

    1. You can get all your protein requirements from the Plant Kingdom.

    2. The body breaks down protein into amino acids. And there are 11 essential amino acids that are needed in our diets in order to build protein.

  • Yamaha Grand Piano
    Friday, October 6, 2017

    Today’s post focuses on piano performance and practicing.

    Lately, I’ve been practicing the first part of the second movement of Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata. I’m not a Classically trained pianist, and I’ve been learning some Classical pieces on my own. I do have a good ear, so I’m just trying to learn them the best I can by ear.

  • Guns Weapons
    Random Stuff: Monday, October 2, 2017

    First off, my heart goes out to the victims of this senseless massacre in Las Vegas.

    I’ll never understand how someone could take another person’s life, especially innocent victims who don’t deserve what happened to them. But to kill dozens and dozens, 59 at last count and 515 casualties, someone simply has to be a mentally sick and misguided soul to do something so evil.

  • Buddha Morning
    First Post of October 2017

    I was going to do this yesterday, since it was October 1st,
    but I was way too busy.

    But, this just marks the first post of October, this year, and I’m amazed at how quickly 2017 has been. I guess that means I was very busy.

  • Drums
    Acoustic Drums + Electronic Drums = Fun!

    Not much to report here when it’s a busy week of gigging.

    So this week I have gigs from Wednesday through Sunday, one piano gig and the remainder are drumming gigs.

    Speaking of drumming gigs… I think the groups I perform in are getting spoiled with the triggers, which allow me to play both acoustic drums and electronic drums at the same time.


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