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  • photos from europe

    Go to: to view photos from the European vacation.

  • my photos of europe at flickr

    I’ve begun uploading the many photos taken when I was in Europe, so for those who’ve been waiting to see them, you can find them over there. I’m not sure who painted this one, nor do I know its name (if you do, then please let me know). I

  • heading toward our journey’s end

    Today, we travel to the final destination of our European Trip, to Rome. We’ll stay here until August 30, when we travel back home to San Diego. We stayed in Florence the past 3 nights, and before that we were in Venice. Here is a photo taken in Venice

  • A Meeting with the Mona Lisa

    Unless I come back to The Louvre in Paris any time soon, this will be the closest I will ever get to the Mona Lisa. When we finally arrived in the large room that showcased her, there was a certain excitement in the air, and a big crowd of

  • london calling….

    Alaysia says “i’m alive”, and that’s nice to hear… . . . . I’m actually blogging from a Starbucks somewhere in London right now… near Buckingham Palace… near St. James Park. The family is crashed out in the hotel right now and I’m feeling pretty much alive and hyper.

  • flu-like symptoms

    I’ve been touched with some kind of viral infection, aka bug, or virus… maybe a bit of the flu these past 3 days. Unfortunately, I had to perform in two gigs that I simply couldn’t get out of and I needed the money. I’m feeling much better now, and


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