In My Mind's Zen Garden
  • Delirious!

    while being sick this week, i’ve been feeling rather delirious at times, and came up with the two poems below. one… frivolous, cotton-candy fluff, and the other… based on an actual experience when i was 18, of witnessing one black man shatter a gallon-sized wine jug over the head

  • The Cool Shade That Beckons To Me

    there’s a secret place beyond the garden where a flower blooms, that has never bloomed before today i see you… in the cool shade that beckons to me, and i dwell within my innermost feelings of hope and longing the afternoon shade grows tall… creating silhouettes and shadows that

  • Like A Cold Blade Against The Skin

    tripping stumbling cracking grating blunt force trauma like a cold blade against the skin elegantly sadistic brutally sophisticated like a gun to his head scratching the surface, of terror casually horrific, bleeding to death on the sidewalk of nightmarish dreams… coldhearted unappreciative lost in this lonely, desolate concrete landscape

  • under the weather

    i’m feeling quite sick right now: stuffy, sniffling nose, headache, aches and pains. and i have three gigs in a row from now until sunday (when i can get some real rest). so, i’m going to have to struggle with it because i can’t call in sick from gigs.

  • gigging in suits

    All of my gigs involve wearing a suit, but I can only afford so many suits. Recently, I bought a new suit which was on sale for $115.00. Fortunately, the one that fit me was on sale, so I don’t have to have it tailored. I need more suits,

  • the big garage sale weekend is over!

    Does my face show the expression of ache and pains from head to toe? Man, garage sales are a lot of work and ours was held on two days, Saturday and Sunday, but actually started on Thursday, doing the preparation part. Every muscle in my body is aching right


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