In My Mind's Zen Garden
  • Her Silent Beauty

    This is another older poem I just wanted to repost: If I could, I’d cast a spell upon the winds, and make them change direction, towards the east where her silent beauty remains, I don’t know from whence she came, as mysterious as she appeared, she quickly vanished, and

  • dead journals

    Aein had taken the initiative to go through the entire Korean Directory at Rice Bowl Journals, listing down all broken links and dead journals and sending the list my way.

  • why even keep an online journal?

    Sometimes I wonder why I even keep an online journal. It’s a valid thing to wonder about, given the fact that I see many people start up a journal, only to quit. Many people get into things and then wonder why they even started in the first place. Many

  • dividing my yoga time

    I’m glad I was able to return to my Yoga routine after a few days off because of the muscle pull. So, the past few days have been very nice. I’m starting to come back to the old, familiar routine of doing sun salutations, spinal twists and headstands.

  • jazz quotes

    Matt of has a page of “jazz quotes” which I think is just awesome! And you can submit a jazz quote. Yeah, cool man! Here’s a good one from Charlie Parker: “Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don’t live it, it won’t come

  • karma yoga insomnia

    Earlier yesterday I had a very nice hour-long yoga routine. Now it’s confession time. Earlier in the week I had somehow pulled a muscle. The left pectoral muscles suffered from sudden pain and I felt it was bad enough that I had to stop doing yoga for a few


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