Most Awesome & Cleanest Computer Gaming Setup?

Upgrading to a Multi-Monitor System

I’ve been looking at ideas for upgrading to a multi-monitor system, being that I tend to watch the stock charts and need multiple screens in which to operate and switch between.

Write now I’m using my 13″ Macbook Air, and I have about 5-6 desktops at a time in which I switch back and forth. This is great when your working at Starbucks, but at home it would be nice to have something more significant.

Well, check this guy’s setup which he primarily uses for gaming and video editing. (Video below)

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I definitely like the clean, black & white color scheme, and there’s not a cable in sight!

But check out the way he hides all the cables and wires, and the fact that he mounts his 4 monitor system on the wall, in which he hides all his monitor cables as well.

Most Awesome & Cleanest Computer Gaming Setup?



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