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Flamenco Nova!
[L-R] – Nathan Mills (trumpet), Jeff Olsen (bass), Carlos Rull (drums), Jordano (guitar)


Robert SzajkowskiFlamenco and Classical Guitars

Rob Szajkowski - Classical/Flamenco GuitaristRobert Szajkowski is the newest member of the Flamenco Nova family. Robert earned his BA in Music from UCSD, and finished his Masters Degree in Classical Guitar Performance at San Diego State University. His specialty is classical guitar, but is also experienced in flamenco, rock, jazz, and brazilian music; and he has studied with Pepin and Celin Romero of the famed Romero family of Spanish/Classical guitarists.

Robert is a busy guy: teaching guitar classes, private lessons, has performed in a wide variety of musical projects all over Southern California, specializes in performing for weddings. Rob is also a professional photographer and a freelance web developer.

Nathan MillsTrumpet and Flugelhorn

Nathan Mills on TrumpetNathan comes from a Jazz, Big Band and Funk/R&B background, whose influences range from Arturo Sandoval to The Brecker Brothers. As a matter of fact, Nathan is a friend of Arturo Sandoval and introduced Arturo to the “Wild Thing”, a custom trumpet created by Jazz Trumpeter Flip Oakes.

Nathan brings Bebop textures as well as Spanish-style trumpet playing into the mix… think, Mariachi meets Miles meets Maynard, and you’ve got a great fusion of improvisational dexterity, fueled by grace of technique and style.

Jeff OlsenElectric Bass Guitar

jeff olsenJeff is a bassist who originally hails from the windy city of Chicago. He comes from a background of performing in Latin-Rock and Blues bands. And though he maybe the quiet, reserved member of the group, he lays down a solid bass line that is the foundation of everything else.

Incidentally, Jeff is the Postmaster for La Jolla, and a father of two teenagers. So, Jeff is a busy man.

Carlos RullDrums and Percussion

carlos_derbyWell, as the time keeper of the group, I have thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of improvisation and expression with Flamenco Nova. And being able to mix musical genres and styles within a Flamenco context.

Approaching the Flamenco style with a loose, Jazzy improvisational feel, is a challenge as well as a joy… and it’s all about creating music within the moment.

There is a certain Zen quality that I like about it, which makes this project my most enjoyable yet challenging musical experience so far.


Jordano StoyanoffFlamenco and Digital Guitars

jordano at fairbanks ranchBorn somewhere in middle of Eastern Europe, Jordano is of Bulgarian extraction, and learned early on as a child to play Flamenco Guitar around the campfires of his Gypsy homelands. Moving to New York City and then to San Diego, Jordano studied with the legendary Classical and Flamenco guitarist, Celedonio Romero, of the famed Romero Family.

As the leader of the group, he incites havoc with traditional acoustic Flamenco guitar, coupled with digital effects and guitar synthesizers, ranging from the sweet sounds of Andalusia to hard driving Metal-tinged forays.


Flamenco Nova – Full-Length Demo (7:04)


Carlos’ Drum Solo (1:06)



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