Buddy Rich’s Spectacular Greensleeves Drum Solo

Buddy Rich’s Spectacular Greensleeves Drum Solo

This is arguably one of Buddy Rich’s best drum solos ever captured on video, taken from a 1970 video recorded like at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London.

It’s not the best ‘live’ video recording of a Buddy Rich solo, but the obvious brilliance of his performance (thankfully) is captured for our enjoyment and awe.

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Buddy Rich in Top Form

Here, Buddy Rich is in top form, and his big band is performing at a very high level. Makes one proud to be American, right? As this is an excellent representation of the legendary American drummer and his big band performing abroad.

This is the full version of the arrangement, and I know there are videos of just the drum solo alone. But I think it’s good to hear the full arrangement, to see how the drum solo relates in context to the song.

Random Notes

  • How the man can drum like that in a suit is beyond me! But he looks sharp and back in those days it lent some credibly to the drummer (or any jazz artist, for that matter) to wear a sharp, stylish suit. More drummers should wear suits.
  • This is Greensleeves in 6/8 time, and a fast tempo at that. The whole band is ‘flying’ and the horn solos are impressive, although it’s tough compared to Buddy Rich’s brilliance.
  • If anyone was in the zone in this recording it was Buddy Rich, who was relentless and unstoppable in this performance.
  • Mad props to the band for coming back in after Buddy quickly counted them back in. Like wow, that’s a mad feat of discipline!
  • It’s well known that Buddy Rich was a black belt in karate. During this performance, it really stood out that he was transferring the karate experience to the drums. He definitely performed like he was a black belt in drumming!

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