Bullet Trains in China: The Rapid Growth of China’s High Speed Rail

In the West we are given this impression of China as an oppressive Communist Regime. But from my first impressions in visiting the country, it is a hybrid of communist ideology and rapidly progressing capitalism. One of the things about China that impressed me the most was its high-speed rail and bullet trains, reaching speeds of up to 210 mph.

I Challenge the U.S. to Build Bullet Trains

We have nothing like this in the U.S., as the dominance of the auto manufacturing industries have assured that our freeways and highways were given more priority than mass transportation. It’s a shame, actually.

China has the most extensive high-speed train system in the world right now. The U.S. has struggled to create a high-speed rail system that extends throughout the entire country. We are far behind other countries like Japan, China, and Europe.

Bullet Trains: From Our Visit to China

Bullet Trains in China

Bullet Trains in China

Bullet Trains in China

Bullet Trains in China

The new rail industry is seeing its most vibrant growth in China, which also has the world’s largest high-speed network, the fastest trains and the greatest ambitions for future expansion. One of the world’s busiest routes, Beijing to Shanghai, features the new domestically built Fuxing high-speed train, now with a top allowed speed of 351 kilometers per hour.

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