Cable TV: Do You REALLY Need to Cut the Cord?

More Folks Getting Rid of Cable TV!

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More Americans are getting rid of cable TV subscriptions due to rising costs. And for some odd reason, prices continue to rise, for the same services you had a few years ago!

A part of the cord cutting phenomenon has been out of necessity. People are getting laid off, prices of everything from Starbucks to food prices to gasoline and even rent, continue to climb. Most people have been struggling since the financial disaster of 2008, and the economy has been struggling to bounce back, overall.

A Matter of Priorities

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But, getting rid of cable television is a very personal matter, and it’s a matter of priorities.

For those who aren’t struggling financially and life is good? Well, dumping the cable tv subscription is not an issue.

But, if you are struggling financially, or you’ve recently adopted a more frugal (get by with less) lifestyle, then cutting the cord and getting rid of cable is a good way to save money and help reduce your monthly expenses.

That is the one reason I’ve gotten rid of the cable. And initially, I didn’t see my cable bill going down any time soon, so in order to eliminate the impending rise in cable costs, the family and I decided to go without cable.

It’s been 1 year and 6 months since my family cancelled our cable tv subscription.

  • It was a bit of a sacrifice giving up our favorite cable channels.
  • But we’ve been trying to get by with less and watch less tv, anyway.
  • We really needed to cut out some expenses and save money.

Changing the Way We Watch Television

It’s important to note that many millenials have grown up with a different perspective of watching television.

Streaming is the big thing now.

People use their broadband internet to stream shows onto media players.

Binge-watching is a popular activity now that Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime offer several (if not all) seasons of a particular television show. Watching season by season, episode by episode.

Streaming has made binge-watching more popular and enjoyable. Imagine, if you will, watching all 6 Seasons of The Sopranos!

I did.

Binge-Watching The Sopranos

I’d never had HBO, so The Sopranos wasn’t available to me until I signed up for Amazon Prime, and then I jumped on the chance to binge-watch The Sopranos (very addictive) and enjoyed this for about a month and a half.

Cable channels are trying to do marathons of key shows, like The Walking Dead, as a way of competing with the streaming services.

So, the way we watch television has been changing and instead of having to watch a television show at a particular time slot, we have many options. On-Demand, recording with a DVR to watch later, or streaming shows from a streaming service.

Even More Options Now

Which also gives us the option to taylor our viewing to save money! And to pay for only what we want to watch, instead of getting a ton of channels that we have no interest in.

Many options, and the way we watch is only going to change even more in the next few years.



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