Can St Nick and the Eagles Defeat Drew Brees and the Saints?

Can the St. Nick-led Eagles defeat Drew Brees and the Saints at the Superdome?

It seems like an impossible feat because the Saints earned that bye week and should be well-rested. And with home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Both the Saints and the Eagles beat 2nd Seed Rams during the regular season. But, the Saints also lost to the Cowboys, and the Rams handily beat the Cowboys in yesterday’s NFC divisional playoffs.

If the Saints win today, the Rams will have to travel to New Orleans. If the Eagles somehow win, they will have to face the Rams in L.A.

An interesting factoid: Both Nick Foles and Drew Brees are from Austin, Texas and both went to Westlake High School.

Now, the Saints already beat the Eagles during the regular season with the Carson Wentz-led Eagles. But, with Nick Foles taking over once again for the injured Wentz, the Eagles have once again been magical, after just barely getting into the playoffs courtesy of the Vikings losing a crucial game.

We’re talking about the Super Bowl Champion Eagles here… who found the magic to defeat the Patriots last year!

And once again, the Eagles are underdogs and the Saints are favored. The Eagles LOVE being the underdogs and they thrive with that reputation.

I don’t know… anything can happen. But, the Saints haven’t faced a Nice Foles-led Eagles team yet. And that is the difference today.



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