Candy Crush: My Best Tournament Score So Far, and Don’t Laugh

Just wanted to share my best tournament score so far on Candy Crush.

I’ve been playing Candy Crush for about 5 days now. It’s a highly addictive game, and I was hoping to break the 100K barrier in a week’s time, but it’s just too hard for me.

Note: Resharing the highest game score I’ve seen on YouTube at 311,000+ points. [Video Above]

Are you better at this game?

Share your tips and tricks below in the comments section, please.

Anyway, I managed to score pretty close to 100K, at 88,520 points.

Here’s a screenshot of my score from the website.

highest score so far

I was able to trigger 5 special candy combinations that scored some higher points.

highest score so far

And, I think I’m seriously going to take a break from this game, and try again for the elusive 100,000 point mark.

Wish me luck, for when I get back to the game.

I’ll be on hiatus simply because there are other things in life to do.



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