Candy Crush Saga: Pure Addiction, Pure Evil

Somehow, I saw others playing Candy Crush Saga on their iPhones and thought I’d give it a whirl…

Okay. I usually post every day to my blog. And sometimes I can post up to four blog posts in a day.

Yesterday, and the day before…

I failed to post a single blog post, thanks to Candy Crush Saga!

WARNING! This deceptively simple game is highly addictive!

If you haven’t played this game yet, you. have. been. warned!

I’m already trying to wean myself off the game, and I’m finding I’m not really good at pattern recognition, but I DO like games that match colours and patterns like Tetris. So, I’d say Candy Crush Saga is similar to Tetris in that respect.

But that is all…

Candy Crush Saga is even more evil… with its attractive candy colours and shapes.

For one, the music is very pleasing to the ears… and it repeats on this 15 to 20 second loop, the same melody over and over again… I even find myself whistling the “whistle part”. And, I must say the music was recorded very well… amazingly clear and I think this is a part of its addictive nature.

My wife was watching me play the game and she commented on its seemingly child-like look, as if the games is supposed to be for children only…

Oh, if she only knew…

As of now, Candy Crush Saga has 45.6 million average monthly users and (where Candy Crush Saga originated) is the 877th more popular website in the world, according to Alexa.



Carlos Rull

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