Candy Crush: Creating Wrapped and Striped Candies, and Donut Holes

A Few Candy Crush Strategies

If you’ve been playing Candy Crush Saga for any length of time, you’ve found out by now that getting the special candies will trigger some spectacular “blasts”.

candy crush

This in turn will produce higher scores than simply matching 3 candies of the same colour.

Just how to get those higher scores?

Well, I’ll try to explore some strategies that I’ve picked up so far that seem to work okay for me. These involve looking for certain patterns to create the special candies.

Putting various special candies together will create some spectacular effects and generate higher points.

Special Candy

Here are the 3 “basic” special candy types:

  • 1. Striped Candy
  • 2. Wrapped Candy
  • 3. Sprinkled Donut Holes

Combining two separate types of special candies will generate higher points by creating a “Super Candy” that clears a substantial portion of the game board.

Note: This post covers the Candy Crush “tournament” version found at

Creating Striped Candy

Getting four candies in a row of the same colour will create a striped candy.

I try to look for the pattern below (either horizontally or vertically) when creating striped candies.

Candy Crush Saga

Creating Wrapped Candy

Getting an “L” or a “T” shaped pattern will create a wrapped candy. These will be 2 attached lines of 3 candies in a row.

Below is an example of forming an upside-down “T” shaped pattern to get a wrapped candy.

Candy Crush Saga

Creating the Donut Hole

The Sprinkled Donut Holes can be created when putting 5 candies in a row of the same colour.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

Basic Strategies: Seeing & Forming Patterns

  • You’ll want to move your candies around, matching 3-in-a-row to clear candies, in order to get to the patterns shown above.
  • And this is where things can get tricky… how to get to those ideal patterns and create special candies. Then, how to move those special candies next to each other to create “Super Candies”.
  • For most newbies to the game, there is a lot of randomness and luck, but as long as you can quickly see the patterns, you can easily create those special candies.
  • The more advanced players will be able to quickly form the necessary patterns to create the special candies and position them in ideal scenarios.

I’ll try to cover more specific strategies in a later post. So stay tuned.

And if you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment below.



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