Cell Phones I’ve Owned Through The Years

Searching on Pinterest, I came across this board that featured the cell phones this person used to own. It was quite a LOT of cell phones!

Myself, I’ve owned 4 cell phones in my entire life.

For the longest time I resisted getting a data plan, which of course meant I’d have to access the online world. So, my first two phones only had mobile phone usage. It wasn’t until I got a Blackberry Curve that I added a data plan, which was expensive and quite archaic (around 2007?).

Anyway, I currently own an iPhone 4S and I’m quite happy with it. I’ve owned it since January 2012, and at this point in time I have no reason to upgrade to an iPhone 5.


Samsung SGH-R225M

Acquired: circa 2002

A very small and sturdy phone, I only used this to make phone calls and no data plan. I added a patriotic plastic shell over it.

Samsung SGH-R225M


Motorola V3 RAZR

Acquired: circa 2004

The only flip phone I’ve ever owned. It was sleek and thin. A very cool cell phone only used for making calls, and once again no data plan.

Motorola V3 RAZR


Blackberry Curve

Acquired: May 2007

First smartphone with a data plan. But, after accidentally racking up a couple thousand dollars abroad, I went back to using it as a regular phone. I’ve owned this phone for over 4 years! And, it’s built like a tank! I’ve dropped it so many times!

My Blackberry 8320 Curve


iPhone 4S

Acquired: January 2012

After owning this for over a year now, I’m still very happy with it and have no plans to upgrade to an iPhone 5 anytime soon.

new toy



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