Checking Out My Cron-o-meter Stats More Closely

Checking Out My Cron-o-meter Stats More Closely

You know, there are two approaches to life when you’re approaching the age of 60.

1. Eating super-healthy so that you can live longer, AND live a good quality life without a myriad of health issues.

2. Eating whatever you want, however much you want, and whenever you want it.

I have opted for No. 1, because I’m a musician, a drummer and keyboardist, and I know that when I eat super-healthy, my performance is always good.

Also, I’m trying to live longer and we all know that life is short, so why try to shorten it even further by eating unhealthy?

Anyway, I’ve been following my Cron-o-meter Stats closely today because I noticed at the doctor’s office that my BMI was 26, which is slightly overweight.

I’m rather bummed about this, because I’ve worked so hard to be healthy and lose weight yet remain lean and strong.
But also, I’m happy because I used to weight around 200. And now I’m 181 with clothes on, and I’m sure I’m more 178 at this point.

So, a healthy vegan diet is giving me progress toward a better healthy lifestyle.

My clothes have gotten smaller and some of my shorts have been taken to the tailor’s to be taken in to a smaller size, and I’m closer to 31 and 32 waist size.

So, life is a work in progress, as long as you know which direction you are heading.

You’re either going to play Russian roulette with your body by not paying attention to what you’re eating, or you’re going to take control and do everything you possibly can to be as healthy as you possibly can.

And yes, people will say, “Well you could get hit by a Mac Truck”….


My belief is that the healthier you eat, the more alert your are to avoid getting hit by a Mac Truck… We either eat healthier to survive or we simply don’t.

Yes, things can happen, but what if you didn’t take care of your body and eat right, then you get a major catastrophic illness like diabetes, a heart attack or stroke? The quality of your life will truly be compromised.

And this is food for thought…

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