CloudFlare: Testing Accelerated Speed and Load Times

LAST WEDNESDAY I SIGNED UP FOR A SERVICE called CloudFlare, a CDN (Content Delivery Network) that supposedly will speed up the load times for your website.

CloudFlare promises that they can speed up the acceleration of your website and ensure that your site is more secure and protected from hackers, spammers, and other online bad guys.

But when it comes to speed, if your website takes too long to load, visitors aren’t going to stick around, right? And like you and I, they will go somewhere else on the World Wide Web because in Internet Time, seconds are precious!

Anyway, I signed up with CloudFlare last Wednesday, but before that I tested my website speed on Pingdom’s Full Page Test.

Website Speed Test Results

So, I tested my website on Wednesday November 28th, prior to adding my site to CloudFlare. Then, I waited until Friday November 30th to re-test my site and see if there was a substantial improvement in speed. I also wanted to make sure I waited at least 24 hours for the changes to re-seed throughout the World Wide Web, being that you have to change to their name servers in order to get the service up and running.

Wednesday, November 28

Website Speed Test November 28

Load time was 1.70 seconds, which isn’t too bad. It’s actually great, as I personally don’t have a problem waiting a couple of seconds for a website to load. But, one has to take into account that not everybody has broadband yet, so it’s going to take much longer for someone on DSL or a slower (heaven forbid) Internet connection.

Also, images are a big, big factor, and the more images you have on your web pages, it’s going to take longer for your pages to load. So, optimizing your images is very important!

Before CloudFlare, my website was 75% faster than all websites tested.

Friday, November 30

Website Speed Test November 30

Notice: The test location was further away.

Two days later, I re-tested my website and lo and behold, my website loaded much faster! And I had a slightly bigger page size too.

Load time was 1.15 seconds and my website was 86% faster than all websites tested!

So, a significant drop in milliseconds, and it looks like I improved my website’s speed by 11%.

Noticing The Difference

Checking out my website and browsing through its pages, it really looks like the web pages appear to pop, so it looks like CloudFlare works.

I’m a happy camper!

Your Feedback

Dear Readers: Please let me know how my web pages are loading by adding your feedback in the comments section below.

So, why not test the load time of your website and let me know your results! Inquiring minds want to know…





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