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Coming To Terms With Your Metabolism

Vegan Spaghetti

Coming To Terms With Your Metabolism

So, you totally indulged during the holiday season, from the leftover Halloween candy to the big fat Christmas turkey. And maybe you had some Honey Baked Ham.

Basically, you ate too much and your clothes feel tight, and on top of that you feel bloated! Well, you’re not alone. Many people let themselves go during the holidays because there simply is an abundance of food and—let’s face it—sinfully delicious treats!

Well, the bottom line is that you must face the truth. You must come to terms with a slower metabolism than others, especially if it seems to run in the family.

4 Ways To Boost a Sluggish Metabolism

  • Movement.

    Notice I didn’t say cardio, or exercise or resistance training, although these ARE essential to good health. But, in the most general description, movement is the key to speeding up your metabolism. And there are many ways to do it, and as I get older I realize that I kill two birds with one stone if I do a lot of chores around the house and garden. Because movement IS life, and if you are moving to get something done (physically) you are using your valuable energy to be productive.

  • Eat Smaller Meals, Five Times A Day.

    This is something that has worked for me. And the 80% full method works here as well, but to eat several smaller meals a day will keep your metabolism going and you have more energy freed up to be active and get things done, rather than eat yourself into a food coma! I personally try to eat no more than 500 calories at any given meal, but sometimes it’s hard to eat less than 500 calories at dinner time, so I let that one go… sometimes!

  • Meditation and Deep Breathing.

    Yes, many (right off the bat) think that sitting quietly in one place is counter-productive and perhaps boring. But, we need to find our inner strength and find our quietude in order to have a stronger will and discipline. Especially with deep breathing. Slow, relaxed breathing will do wonders with your psyche and help you alleviate your addictions to foods. And, going a step further and practicing a few pranayama breathing techniques will definitely help you more than just taking a few deep breaths and counting to ten.

  • Cheat.

    Yes, I allow myself a couple of cheat meals per week. And, I find that when I do eat something that’s bad (for me it’s salty foods like potato chips) I don’t feel as well since I’ve been eating healthy for more than 90% of the time. So, allow yourself a cheat meal or two per week, probably on the weekends but whenever you feel a craving.

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