Cutting the Cord: Get Rid of Cable & Begin Streaming!

Cutting The Cord

cutting the cord

Cutting The Cord is a commonly used term for getting rid of your Cable TV subscription.
It’s a popular solution these days, considering Cable TV costs have risen dramatically over the past few years.
Initially, I became interested in streaming TV, when I sought out alternatives to my cable subscription. And, I was happy that I made the change.

What You Need to Do

  • 1. Call your cable company and stop your cable service.

    And keep the internet connection! Obviously, you’ll need broadband internet for streaming, and to continue surfing the Web.

  • 2. Buy and install a digital antenna.

    Check your local area if you get OTA (over-the-air) broadcasts in HD. If you live in the city, you’ll have OTA readily available. If you live in the country on a farm, probably not.

  • 3. Buy and install a streaming device.

    I personally use ROKU 3 and it’s one of the more expensive models out there, but it’s blazing fast and it’s very user-friendly. I bought mine for $99 when they first came out. Now they go for around $83. Other streaming devices to get are Chrome Cast and Apple TV.

  • 4. Subscribe to a streaming service.

    I personally use Amazon Prime because they not only offer movies and tv shows to stream, they also offer FREE 2-day shipping (Sometimes 1-day or same-day shipping). Amazon Prime also includes a music streaming service and Cloud Services to store your photos and videos.

  • 5. Take back Cable Channels with Sling TV.

    I subscribe to Sling TV (on Roku) for $20 a month. Totally optional. But you’ll get back some key Cable Channels like CNN, ESPN, A&E, Travel, HGTV and Food Network and others, at a cheaper price!

Roku 3 – Arguably the Best Streaming Device

My Personal Story

Why I Ditched the Cable TV

My cable bill kept climbing substantially each year, to the point where I was paying $155 just for basic cable and broadband internet access!

So, I ditched the cable by cutting the cord and keeping the broadband internet, and started streaming TV shows and movies through my remaining broadband internet connection (yes, don’t get rid of the internet, you’ll need it).

I have since “cutting the cord” and dived right into streaming movies and TV shows with a passion, officially dropping Cable TV at the beginning of January 2015.

And I was able to find a great Digital HD Antenna to grab over-the-air (OTA) channels from my local broadcast stations. It’s amazing at the quality of the HD channels too, receiving 100% HD quality compared to 70% HD quality through the Cable TV.

So the journey is still new to me and I’m still learning a lot about this growing trend. And I want to share what I learn as we go along, for my benefit and for my readers as well.

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