New Zildjian Cymbals (Photos)

This is my latest collection of cymbals that I currently use when performing at gigs. These cymbals are especially suited for jazz drumming, a bit expensive and a definite musical investment in quality of sound (though not as expensive as these cymbals!).

I just finished cleaning and polishing them, so I thought I’d take a photo of them in their newly polished state. They may never look this polished ever again, so….

[ Left to Right: 16″ Zildjian K Constantinople Crash, an old 10″ Sabian splash, 20″ K Constantinople Hi-Bell Thin Ride, a pair of Zildjian K Custom Dark Hi-Hats. ]

Cymbal Photos

Below is a photo of my Zildjian K Constantinople 20″ Ride Cymbal. It has a bit of “wash”, meaning it has sustained tones as opposed to “dry” tones that quickly die out. But I like this cymbal for its complex textures and slightly “trashy” sound. Great for jazz.

Zildjian K Constantinople 20" Ride

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And below (along with my K Constaninople ride) is my Zildjian K Constantinople 16″ Crash Cymbal. This one has a great crash sound with a lot of textures. Reminiscent of very old Turkish orchestra cymbals. As a matter of fact the K Constantinoples are hand hammered to achieve the old world sound of Turkish cymbals. Each one, because they are individually hand hammered all have their unique sound.

K Constantinople crash and ride

And these are pretty much the cymbals I currently use with my jazz drum setup.



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