The Dairy Industry is Saying Plant Milks are False Advertising

The Dairy Industry is Saying Plant Milks are False Advertising

So, there IS a reason I’m not finding my favorite Almond Milk on the shelves!

The dairy industry is powerful, and they’re trying to lobby Congress to ruin it for the alternative milk companies:

  • 1. they claim that almonds require tons of water to produce.
  • 2. they say that alternative milks shouldn’t be called milk.

I say that more and more people are turning to nut milks simply because:

  • 1. many are becoming lactose intolerant.
  • 2. they’re looking for healthier alternative-type milks.
  • 3. many are eating a more plant-based diet.

It takes just as much water (probably much more) to raise cattle to produce milk than to grow almonds. now THAT is terrible! Also, the amount of grains and greens used to feed the cattle through its lifetime is a big waste of food resources.

Almond milk is probably the closest tasting to cow’s milk and that is why the dairy industry is having a fit over nut milks, otherwise they would leave well enough alone, but no it cuts into their bottomline which are profits.

Well, I’m vegan so i am automatically boycotting the powerful dairy industry. they have done a LOT of damage to people pushing another animal’s breast-feeding milk to humans! I’m just going to be even more adamant about the war against the dairy industry!

Plant Milks

Plant milk has been consumed for centuries in various cultures, both as a regular drink (such as the Spanish horchata) and as a substitute for dairy milk. The most popular varieties are soy milk, almond milk, rice milk and coconut milk. The protein content varies. It contains no lactose or cholesterol, and is usually sold with added calcium and vitamins, especially B12.

The bottomline is that plant/nut milks will continue to thrive as more people discover that they actually taste great and are a good alternative to dairy milk and other dairy products.

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