Day 10: Focusing on the Quality of the Soil

Today I’m going to focus on the quality and health of the soil.

Here in Southern California, the soil is hard and filled with rocks of all sizes. The soil is dense and thick with clay.

Ideally, all that clay soil should be replaced with quality garden soil with the proper PH, neither too acidic, nor too alkaline.

In my area the soil is more on the alkaline side. So it’s important to condition the soil with compost, mulch and continually work these into the soil… ideally.

I’ve been reading lately that it’s good to have a good layer of matured compost that will send nutrients down into the soil. And put another layer of mulch or bark on top of that, to keep the soil cool and to act as a protectant.

And with this in mind, my focus today is on the condition of the soil.

Compost Pics From Several Years Ago


Compost Pile Is Small Right Now

Action List

Cultivate the Soil

Add Compost to Soil

Add Bark or Mulch on Top of Soil


Note: This post will be updated throughout the day.



Carlos Rull

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