Day 18: A Trip to #TheGreenery at the Miramar Landfill

I was able to make a trip to the Miramar Landfill yesterday.

There is a place there called The Greenery, where you can dump your plant refuse.

I knew you had to pay these days to make a trip to the dump, but The Greenery is FREE, obviously because you are donating plant materials so that they can make mulch, compost and wood chips.

The San Diego landfill is obviously not the prettiest sight in the world, but I thought I’d share some photos anyway, because I think it’s still a pretty interesting place.

We are at Day 18 of this 30 Day Gardening Challenge, and so far it’s been hard work because I have so much plant cuttings to dispose of, and there is so much pruning to do. My youngest son has been helping me with the pruning and disposing, and that’s been great. And even one of my nephews was getting in on the action. Thanks, guys!

San Diego Landfill

Once inside…

This is the typical view on the way to The Greenery.


A Sign Pointing the Way

It’s so barren, dry and dusty out there.


The Drop Off Point

Here is the area where I had to dump my plant cuttings. Everyone simply backs up their vehicles and starts dumping.


Getting Ready


It’s Not Cannabis

At first glance it might look like marijuana but it’s not. It’s just leaves and branches from the oak tree in the front yard.


The Finished Product

Here is a view of the piles of mulch that have been created with all the donated plant refuse.


The Road Home

This is the road that leads back to the entrance of the landfill. Dusty and hot.




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