Diet Techniques That Have Helped Me in 2017

Diet Techniques That Have Helped Me in 2017

Overall, I think I had a relatively successful 2017 in regards to my Vegan lifestyle and dietary habits.

For starters, I’m 100% plant-based, and I firmly believe that I can thrive on a vegan diet, and I’ve proven it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

For instance, protein!

All whole foods have protein, especially grains and vegetables! And to some extent, even fruits. But, on a vegan diet you can also get your protein from legumes, nuts and seeds.

Another successful aspect of my vegan diet is that I eat 5 meals a day, and try not to go over 500 calories per meal. Why?


If you eat too much at one meal, you’ve just binged, and chances are you will feel the effects of a food coma. And at the very least, your body has to slow down a little bit in order to digest the huge amount of food. And, that is why people tend to get that afternoon cup of coffee too while at work, just to make them feel they have the energy to continue work.

So, 5 smaller meals a day, and no more than 500 calories per meal.

Another important aspect of my vegan diet is carbs. I’m no longer afraid of them, as the common knowledge is that carbs are bad, but without carbs we have no energy. We actually need carbs in order to move and continue to have brain activity. Yes, our brain needs carbs more than anything.

Another thing I used in 2017 extensively was Cron-o-meter. Now, I can’t live without it as if I input exactly what I ate, I’ll know what nutrients I’m getting, and if I’m getting too much fat, salt, etc.

Cron-o-meter truly helped me stay on track in 2017.

Carbs also translate to performance. As a musician and a drummer, loading my equipment, the actual performance… is dependent on carb intake. Just as marathon runners need to carbo load.

The bottom line is, if you don’t have the fuel, you can’t run and do all the things you need to do. Period.

So I don’t believe in this low-carb thing. That is for meat eaters to justify their need to eat meat, by eating less carbs.

And that’s pretty much what has helped me in 2017, plus eating as much as possible fresh, organic, whole foods and minimizing the junk foods.

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