Disney Took a Dive, So Now What?

Disney Took a Dive, So Now What?

So, I’m not a happy camper right now because I fell for the pump and dump of Disney stock. And what burns is that I bought a bunch of Disney shares for my wife, and so that reflects badly on me.

So, what I thought was a sure thing, being that Disney had been on this steady climb for quite a while, turned out to be a total bummer! Right after buying shares of Disney the stock dropped dramatically in price.

Okay, now it’s apparent that Disney stock is finally being affected by ESPN layoffs. Yes, they’ve been having their problems. But, I’m totally into Disney for the long run because they own the Star Wars franchise, Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, and had a recent mega-success with the new live version of Beauty and the Beast.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 8.00.41 PM

So, how could the stock go wrong?

That’s a good question.

Could ESPN be the troubled step-child that is tipping the scales? What about Disney parks and resorts? Last I heard people were going to them in record numbers…

So, what gives?

And at 1.4%, I admit their dividend isn’t all that great, but sure, at least they have a dividend, which I believe is paid out annually.

Well, Disney is one of those stocks that you buy and hold for the long run.

I just wish I’d bought my shares today when the stock sort of bottomed out, or will Disney stock continue to fall?

That’s a good question… we’ll see what happens tomorrow.



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