You Don’t Have to Go Cheese-less On a Vegan Diet

You Don’t Have to Go Cheese-less On a Vegan Diet

One thing that is truly amazing is the growing market of Vegan Cheeses.

Most Omnivores and Vegetarians can not justify going on a Vegan Diet because they simply can not give up Cheese!

I can sympathize. It’s a big step to totally give up the cheese.

But, there are many Vegan Cheeses available in the supermarkets these days, and many are so close to the texture and taste of real cheese, that I’ll bet in a few more years, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

And many of these Vegan Cheeses can melt too, for Mac n Cheese fans.

Here’s a great video by VeganAthlete, reviewing the best Vegan Cheeses on the market. Well done.

I see that the Kite Hill cheese was the best tasting but the most astronomically expensive at $9 for 4 ounces of Vegan Cheese! I definitely will go out to my local Whole Foods this weekend and try the Heidi Ho and maybe the Treeline, which is quite expensive too.



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