DOW Falls More Than 1500 Points: Hold Onto Your Horses!

DOW Falls More Than 1500 Points: Hold On To Your Horses!

We’re almost at the closing bell, and the markets have been absolutely brutal today! Our combined drop between Friday and Monday totals to more than 1500 points!

What to do? Well, it’s absolutely difficult to time the markets when we’re going through free fall right now. I learned my lesson the hard way by buying into QQQ, and ETF that tracks the NASDAQ’s top stocks.

I lost money there too.

Okay, the current strategy is to hold onto your horses, we’re going through a bumpy ride right now.

It’s a Big Sell-Off!

The thing about selling some positions to preserve some profits, is that you might hold on for the long run and get back on track. Eventually, great companies’ stocks will rebound, but one has to be patient.

But, it’s difficult to look for buying opportunities when you’re not sure where the bottom is. CNBC might be saying the markets are rebounding, then 10 minutes later they’re tumbling again.

So, you can wait for the markets to show some green but when will that bounce back occur?

I look to Warren Buffett, and he doesn’t seem to be worried.

“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”Warren Buffett

And that is where I stand right now… I need to hold on and be patient…

Note: The stock market is subject to volatility. Trade at your own risk!

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