DOW Surpasses 25,000 Mark and Rising!

DOW Surpasses 25,000 Mark and Rising!

At this moment the Dow Jones Industrial Average is hovering around 25,156 points. This is a record breaking high point in Wall Street history.

Will it stay above 25,000?

We’ll see… but, be prepared for it to fall below 25,000. But, there hasn’t been much volatility in the Stock Market since 2016, and 2017 was a nice long rally for the most part.

And this could lead to a possible scary scenario.

What if we experience a major correction?

An investor has to be prepared, and it’s probably a good idea to sell at least one or two of your positions that are doing very well, and taking some profits before things might possibly go sour.

This will also free up some cash in the event of a correction, therefore investing in some good quality stocks that have fallen and are now at a bargain price.

In other news, Apple’s stock seems to be on the move again. I believe that the company is a great long-term investment, and I would buy more shares if the price goes down. But right now we seem to be on an uptrend again.

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