Eating 10 Bananas a Day for 4 Years?

Ryan of Happy Healthy Vegan talks about bananas and why they are okay to eat and are healthy for you.

Bananas ARE a whole food, and the nutritional experts will always recommend eating whole foods in the form of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries and legumes.

This is opposed to eating foods that are more processed, and we are talking about the more blatant process junk foods like many baked goods, fast foods, candies, crackers, etc.

Bananas are healthy in that they contain lots of fiber, and is in a natural state that is beneficial to the body.

I know people who will say, I hate fruits and never ate bananas in my life. Well, I guess people could have an allergy to bananas. But you still need to eat mostly whole foods. The fiber, for one, is crucial to digestive health and maintaining intestinal flora.

But for those who can eat bananas, they are a very healthy fruit to eat and are great for making smoothies!

Personally, I’ve been eating bananas for years and mostly adding them as a key ingredient to my smoothies. But there was a time when I never ate bananas ate all. And avoided them.

Interesting how things change when one gets older and things more about what goes into one’s mouth. As I get older I am more concerned about my food intake than when I was much younger, and even using a food tracking app like Cron-o-meter is essential to my daily success!

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