A Fascination with United States Coinage

A Fascination with United States Coinage

Today’s Morning Cup focuses on my fascination with U.S. Coins.

As you may know—if you’ve been a regular reader—I’ve recently been getting back into coin collecting with a newfound enthusiasm.

But at the same time I’m wanting to sell most—if not all—of my collection.

No worries…

I want to pare down the collection and just keep my best coins. So, in other words, quality over quantity.


It’s kind of sad to think that, in general, the very coins I keep will outlast me. But that’s a part of the fascination with coins. That we are only temporary custodians of these coins. And through the generations, they will be passed down to others. And as these coins get older, they will only become more valuable and rare, adding to their significance.

Morgan Silver Dollars vs Ike Dollars

I made a vow to myself that I would eventually collect all dates of the Morgan Silver Dollar. I’m finding out that it’s almost next to impossible to collect the entire series, either because it would be astronomically expensive or some dates just won’t be available and too rare to find.

So, I’m resolved to collecting just a handful of Morgans that are very common and whose mintage was large. The rare ones, like the Carson City Morgans, are just going to be too challenging, and I simply don’t have the funds to appropriate those coins.

But, I can focus on ‘graded’ MS-60+ Morgans and just collect a handful of them.

And thus I’ve focused more on the “Ike” dollars, since they were minted from 1971 to 1978, a short span for a coin. But thus much more easy to collect an entire series. Plus, these coins are from the modern era of coinage and readily available. And I can also focus on getting the ‘proof’ coins as well.



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