First Post of October 2017

First Post of October 2017

I was going to do this yesterday, since it was October 1st,
but I was way too busy.

But, this just marks the first post of October, this year, and I’m amazed at how quickly 2017 has been. I guess that means I was very busy.

I think what made it even busier was the big trip to China, Tibet and Hong Kong. I mean, the planning and preparations for such a trip took up a lot of time. I had to inform the people who hire me for gigs that I would be away. And, I had to recover from the trip for about weeks, the same amount of time it took to recover from jet lag.

I still haven’t posted the Hong Kong pics online. So there was a certain amount of effort in curating and organizing the photos for upload.

To see the photos of that China/Tibet/HongKong trip, just go to my flickr account over here.

I had a very busy week of gigging during the last week of September. In fact, September was my busiest month (at least for me), and October will be busy but not as busy as September was.

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