First Yoga Class of the Year, and Boy Am Mysore!

First Yoga Class of the Year, and Boy Am Mysore!

A couple of days ago on Wednesday, my wife and I attended our first Yoga class of the year.


But for some reason, two days after the class, I’m feeling quite sore.

Why is that? Why the delay?

That’s a good one to google.

But, it was great to finally get a Yoga routine in, and it had been quite a while since my last Yoga class, which was in India, actually, with an Indian Yoga instructor.

I guess since coming back from the Dubai, Nepal and India trip, my body needed a rest, as we were averaging 2-3 miles a day plus waking up early in the morning every day, some days at 4am.

But in addition to the jet lag, there was an Indian lady sitting next to my on the 16 hour flight from Dubai to LAX, and she either had the worst head cold in the world, or she had the flu. So, when I got back home, I was jet lagged AND sick.

I had to skip what would’ve been my first piano gig after getting back.

Anyway, it was good to get back into the Yoga again, as far as Asana practice goes.

I still meditate and practice pranayama almost daily, along with other limbs of Yoga.

But, the Asana practice is what I need to do regularly again in 2018.

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