Fitness Update: Running When Under-The-Weather

I can’t really say I had a great run around the lake earlier today.

But I was glad I was able to finally get out there and do it. Tuesday was my planned rest day since I ran on Monday. And I WAS planning to run on Wednesday but it was raining pretty hard, and I don’t like running in the rain. Also, I’d been feeling a bit under-the-weather the last few days, and combine that with a cold/rainy day yesterday… well, I was eager to run but not physically (and perhaps psychologically) up to it.

Anyway, today I did the 5 mile course around the lake and ran continuously for 4.25 miles, from 11:32am to 12:32pm, taking exactly 60 minutes to complete the course.

. . . .

Feeling So-So…

I’ve been coughing a lot and I feel a bit under-the-weather, and I have a sore throat. When I approached today’s run I wasn’t feeling too good, but I did it anyway.

It was quite cold going around the lake today, even though I pretty much ran around lunch time and it was bright and sunny, and not a cloud in the sky. I dressed in a black tanktop so I was feeling cold at first, but expecting to warm up fairly quickly since I was thinking it was close to noon. I had my black running pants so that was good. But, I actually didn’t get truly warmed up until around the 2nd mile.

I walked 1/2 mile to warm up. Then started jogging at the 1/2 mile marker. And ran continuously to the 4 3/4 mile marker, for a total of 4.25 miles.

. . . .

Father and Daughter

I ran very easily, jogging at an easy pace and not trying to “race” or push beyond my comfort zone. There was a young girl and her Dad jogging around the lake and they passed me at around the 3/4 mile marker. I was a little perplexed that they seemed to easily pass me and kept going until they were close to 1/4 mile ahead of me. I kept my pace and didn’t push it. I was proud of myself for committing to “training” and just doing my own pace. I focused on running as meditation, sometimes looking around at the beautiful scenery around me.

I guess I was using the father and daughter as a gauge for my own pace. They stopped a few times here and there to walk. Once or twice the father look back and saw me and started running again. It was pretty hilarious, I was being dusted by a father and daughter, and I was thinking that the father was holding back because the daughter (of course) was small and although she could run continuously, she had small legs and thus a small gait.

Miramar Lake, San Diego, California

Around the 2.5 mile marker I had started to build momentum, which is what I have been noticing around the 2nd and 3rd miles. I know that when I start running at the beginning, I am slow as heck and don’t try to force myself and push. I allow myself to just get used to moving the legs, then wait for that “second wind” when it feels more effortless to pace myself. Then, I start to naturally build momentum and get faster while maintain my form and breathing easy.

During that 4th mile I was just about to pass the father and daughter because I had slowly built-up such a good momentum. And, they both ducked into one of those porta-potties to use the bathroom. Hmm… and that’s when I was really speeding up a bit yet feeling good and finished that last 1/2 mile. I was thinking they might actually catch up with me again, but I never saw them again until afterwards when I was doing my stretching exercises.

Well, I think it’s great that this Dad was encouraging his daughter to run a 5 mile course. I wonder if it’s appropriate for this young girl to run that far, but she could do it, and maybe one day she’ll be an Olympic marathon runner!

. . . .

Just Keep Passing Me By

There were a couple of other runners who passed me today. One man and a woman with her dog. They both passed me around the 3rd mile and they were at a pretty good pace. I am still a slow poke, but I just want to continue to train and put in the miles. As I lose the weight and get lighter, and build up more strength in my legs, I’m sure I’ll get faster and not feel like I am struggling or pushing to hard. I want that moment to feel as natural as possible. I don’t want to overtrain like I have in years before.

Gotta keep thinking. Train, don’t strain. And the rest will follow…

There are some fast, young runners that go around the lake. Sometimes I just wonder if they are cocky and showing off because they know they are quick. All the running books I have read have emphasized long, slow distance. But there are newer programs that focus on running hard but only 3 times a week maximum.

The course around the lake is very flat. I need to focus on hills if I want to improve, I guess. Maybe tomorrow I’ll run the 2.2 mile course around my neighborhood since it’s all hills. Maybe that will vary my workouts. We’ll see…



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