Fitness Update: Transitioning to Non-Stop Running

Finally! I was able to run around the lake today, after almost 1 week of non-stop rains!

Yes, I could’ve ran in the rain, and I saw a few people doing this (when the rains weren’t too heavy yet), but I’m much too cautious and afraid of catching a cold or pneumonia! Sounds like something my Mom would say, but I’m just cautious that way.

And today I almost slid and fell in some muddy areas, and it wasn’t raining, what more if it was?

Anyway, I ran from 3:07pm to 4:11pm. And the whether was cool, partly cloudy with some blue skies overhead. It’s nice to see some blue sky overhead, especially after several days of rain. And at one point, more than halfway around the lake, I caught some rays of sunlight that literally fell on me and it felt nice and warm.

Today was good weather for running, cool but not cold, with a mild breeze and light cloud cover hear and there.

. . . .

Non-Stop Running, Finally!

So, today was also a major milestone in my running progress.

If you’ve been following along with my fitness updates, you know that I started out walking around the lake. Then, I started doing little runs here and there when I felt really good with my cardio-walking.

Soon, I was doing quarter mile runs, experimenting with different strategies and was able to build up from quarter mile runs alternated with walking, to 1/2 and 3/4 mile runs.

. . . .

Rebuilding The Body To Run Farther and Faster

Well today, after almost a week of rest (because of the rains) I decided to do my usual 1 mile warmup walk, then as soon as I reached the 1 mile marker I started jogging and felt extremely good. No tightness in the calf muscles or any knee twitches.

And after starting to jog at the 1 mile marker, I just kept right on going and never stopped! I made a mental note of the 1/4 mile markers as I passed each one and contemplated whether to stop or not, and decided to keep on going.

Miramar Lake, San Diego, California

I stopped running at the 4.5 mile marker!

I don’t think I could’ve run that far without all the days of rest I had gotten. I definitely believe REST is just as important in being able to run farther and faster. It definitely allows the body to rebuild and recover.

So, to make a long story short, I actually jogged non-stop for 3.5 miles! A personal milestone for me, since I can’t remember the last time I ran for that long a distance. Actually, I do remember running the half marathon back when I was 28! If I DID do any kind of cardio like that it was always walking, and I got to a point in which I was in shape and walking every day during the 1990s.

. . . .

Breaking Down The Distance

So, here was my actually breakdown of what I did earlier today:

1. WALK – 1 mile (warm-up)

2. RUN – 3.5 miles (jog at a comfortable pace)

3. WALK – .5 mile (cool down)

4. STRETCHING – 15 minutes

. . . .

Random Thoughts

I’m trying not to think, well that’s only 3.5 miles and people out there are doing marathons and training for 10 miles or more at a time.

I’m looking at what I can do at the moment, realistically, and if I am hoping to complete a marathon in the future, I won’t consider it until I get to a level in which I can train for a marathon.

Other guys were passing me by while I was running/jogging. Of course, it is the fact that one needs to have a solid training plan and not strain and overdo it every time and risk injury.

There will always be someone faster than me, and I’m not trying to train for the marathon at the next Summer Olympics!

Realize my real goals and limitations… just get in shape and get healthier. When I’ve lost the weight and at that point in which I can train safely for a half marathon or a full marathon, then I can do it then. I’m not at that point yet.

Running is a work in progress. Train and don’t strain.

. . . .

Running Is Part of Jedi Training To Become A Better Drummer

jazz drumset at D/C/20



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