Food Journal: Saturday, 04.27.2013 “Rebound Edition”

For the curious at heart, keep checking back as I update this food journal throughout the day.

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So, I definitely indulged yesterday by going out for lunch and taking out Thai Food for dinner.

One of the ideas for this diet regimen is mindfulness, eating slowly, savoring the food and trying to be mindful where it came from. For me this includes putting my chopsticks or fork and spoon down several times throughout a meal. I don’t think it’s necessary to literally chew food 50 times, but to chew a mouthful of food thoroughly, combining it with saliva because that is the first steps to assimilating the food into your being; properly masticating and softening the food with the enzymes found in your saliva.

Yes, I know that sounds a bit clinical but in the laws of food and digestion, it’s something we humans neglect too often, as we go through our crazy, rushed world.

Anyway, I may have indulged yesterday and did my cheat meals, but rest assured I ate all my food slowly and mindfully, and I never overate or went beyond 80% full.

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Breakfast – 10:30am

Starbucks Mocha ~ tall, with whip

Snack – 1:30pm

A cheat meal.

Hawaiian Chips ~ 1/2 small bag, onion

Lunch – 2:30pm

Not really considered a cheat meal, but different from what I normally eat. The Seafood Curry is quite healthy and delicious; but having white rice a necessary evil.

Seafood Curry ~ leftover from last night
White Rice ~ 1 cup
Dark Chocolate ~ 1 piece, small
Water ~ 1 glass, iced

Afternoon Tea – 7:30pm

Raspberry Pastry ~ 1/2
Blueberry Tart ~ 1/2
Decaf Coffee ~ 1 cup


Seafood Curry ~ added steamed broccoli to curry
White Rice ~ 2 cups
Water ~ 1 glass, iced



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