Friday, October 12, 2018: A Brutal Two Days of Trading Which Was Blamed on The Fed?

Two Days of Sell-Offs!!

DOW +132.10—-NASDAQ +106.37—-SP500 +26.46—-NYSE +61.52

Portfolio Leaders: ISRG, SHOP, BPT
Portfolio Laggards: BA, CAT, T

What a brutal previous two days of trading, or selling-off, to be more exact. I don’t really know what happened there. But Trump’s blaming The Federal Reserve on being “crazy”, “loco” and “too aggressive” was in itself a “loco” thing to say, and shows just how ignorant Trump is with economics. Or, was he saying those things deliberately to throw us off on the REAL problems that have transpired…

1. The Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court

Yes, this could be considered fantasy at the least, speculation at best, but how coincidental that the two day sell-off occurred right after Kavanaugh was appointed Supreme Court Justice?

2. The 25% Trade Tariffs and Trade Wars!

Yes, this is speculation as well, but could it be that the stock market has finally reacted negatively to the Trade Wars? I mean, 25% is REALLY a lot when you think about it.

Regardless, when stocks tumble it’s just like gravity… when it falls it falls hard… and many times, it takes a lot of effort and time to get back up to where you were at the top.

Anyway, today the markets were in recovery mode but didn’t get all the way back to where we were before the two day sell-off. So, this could takes weeks or months before we get back to the same levels we saw at the start of October.

Today’s Leaders

Intuitive Surgical (ISRG)
finviz dynamic chart for  ISRG
Shopify (SHOP)
finviz dynamic chart for  SHOP
BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust (BPT)
finviz dynamic chart for  BPT

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