Frugal Living Throwback: Some Helpful Articles

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A Frugal Billionaire

In the past, I’ve written a lot about living a frugal life, and even if I had billions I’d want to live a frugal lifestyle like Warren Buffett, rather than live a life-in-the-fast-lane like Larry Ellison of Oracle.

Living Within Your Means

Well, who knows what I would actually do if I really did have billions. For sure I would invest in a lot of stocks, mutual funds and bonds, and maybe perhaps some metals like gold and silver.

But the main thing is I would definitely live within my means. I know this applies to all levels of wealth. Living in poverty is obviously a struggle to just make ends meet, but I would definitely follow a frugal philosophy at any level of wealth, whatever that may be.

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Anyway, I’ve written a lot already, so let’s just go back and look at what I’ve covered so far, in order to progress to new articles on living a frugal lifestyle.

The Zen Garden’s Top Frugal Articles



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