Frugality 101 + Investing 101 = Getting Out Of Debt

I will be the first to admit that historical, I’ve been a big spender rather than a spend thrift… and I do have a bit of credit card debt I need to pay off. I’ve been going to this site,, because the author has amassed a ton of helpful articles and links to help get one out of debt and truly save.

And I think the vibe of the author and the blog is one of total sincerity, and not one of those get-rich-quick-scheme sites that can be found all over the web. Usually those get-rich scams are just that… scams. They want you to buy the book, or get the $99 DVD or software. It just seems that the ones who are getting rich quick are the very scam artists pushing and peddling their books and materials to us!

To dupe the masses in order for them to get-rich-quick!

But, is a cool blog that offers practical, realistic advice on becoming more financially independent and get out of debt. And I like the “frugality” section because that’s where I’d like to be this year… more frugal and save my money so I can earn more money.

Anyway, I total recommend the site. Lots of good FREE advice. And in less than a year’s time his site has really become very popular.

I used to have a ton of credit cards. My wife and I are down to just one. So, hopefully if we curtail our big spending habits we can remain debt free (execpt for the mortgage) and starting saving and investment the proper way. Well, wish us luck, we’ll need it.



Carlos Rull

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