Gardening Journal: Reviving the Rose Garden and Making Flowers

Reviving This Gardening Journal

I’m making an attempt to revive this Gardening Journal. And to be honest, I never considered myself as having a green thumb when it comes to gardening. I’ve helped to create some beautiful examples of roses in the garden, but never have I been prolific when it comes to creating an abundance of roses.

However, Some Key Observations

Hopefully, with regards to this Gardening Journal, I can look back and study the observations to help me improve on my gardening skills.

With regards to roses, the foliage is super enhanced with Compost Tea. And using a foliar sprayer, the leaves become very lush and healthy looking, with a lot more leaf growth.

However, as they say, more leaves create more rose buds. Well, not necessarily when it comes to spraying the compost tea on the leaves. I learning along the way that a daily spraying doesn’t necessarily lead to more rose buds.

I think I only need to spray the leaves twice a week from what I’ve observed so far. And when it rains quite a bit like it’s been raining in San Diego lately, there’s no need to spray in-between rain showers.

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So, compost tea is excellent for boosting leaf growth, but I have yet to find the secret ingredient(s) to creating more blooms. I’m still learning and doing my research.

And Speaking of Rain…

Gardening Journal

It’s been raining quite a bit in San Diego. It’s kind of a drag, when you’re accustomed to more sunny days than rainy ones, and lately it’s been feeling more like Seattle than San Diego. But, I welcome the rain since Southern California is basically drought country. And water is EXPENSIVE here! So, I welcome the free water!

Anyway, I hope this revived Gardening Journal will help me gain more insight into what I do from week-to-week, and hopefully it can give you the reader some ideas and tips as well.

Happy Gardening!

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