Getting Rid of Obama’s Legacy, Including the 9 Year Bull Market

Residual Gains Thanks to Obama

I firmly believe that the big, steady rally of 2017 was simply a residual effect of Obama’s 8 years in office. During that time, the stock market rallied overall through that entire period of time. Well, except for some minor hiccups here and there, and especially when the markets went downward at the beginning 2016.

Of course, Trump was taking credit for the successes in the stock market in 2017. Once 2018 rolled along and right after his State of the Union Address (oh, the irony?), the stock market has been on a downswing the past 3 months!

Wow, and it seems to be getting worse…

No. 1. It would seem entirely logical that all the promises made by Trump and the deals made when he went overseas to Saudi Arabia and Europe, could’ve boosted stock market gains. After all, Boeing (BA) was a big recipient of new contracts in the Middle East thanks to Trump. And other Aerospace & Defense contractors seemed to have a banner year in 2017. Add to that the fact that Trump was sparring with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

No. 2. It seemed that the stock market was gaining in 2017 over a newly elected president who has absolutely no political experience or held a public office, yet has been a businessman for most of his life. That is a plus for Trump.

But, But…

Trump hasn’t entirely been a successful businessman. He’s had many failures. Four bankruptcies. A failed Trump University (and was sued in a class action lawsuit for which he settled out of court). And he won’t show his tax returns, expressing a variety of reasons like, he doesn’t want to share his secrets of success to, I’m being audited. The latter at this point doesn’t hold up since audits don’t really last that long.

And businessman Trump seems to take things to extremes, like gutting our current trade relationships with Mexico and Canada, and imposing ridiculous steel and aluminum tariffs, and starting a potentially dangerous trade war with China.

And recently, he’s trying to take down, one of (if not the) most successful and profitable American corporations in the history of the United States!


Because Amazon is hurting retail stores? And this has been going on for decades now, ever since Borders, Books & Music had to close its doors because it couldn’t compete with

Will stiff tariffs on Steel and Aluminum bring back our Steel and Aluminum Industries? I seriously don’t think so…

All the extremist economic moves to try and bring old industries like Coal, Steel and Aluminum back into the fold of America life could be summed up as nostalgic at best.

In the ever-changing and transforming ‘Global Economy’, I would think that Trump would roll with the times. It’s a fact that our world consists of a global economy in which everything, every country and industry is inter-connected in a very sensitive balance.

Stirring things up might make a change, but not necessarily for the better. For instance, China is now imposing 128 tariffs of its own on products being exported from the U.S. Let the trade wars begin!

And maybe Trump could be right that it’s an easy win. But, based on the stock market’s negative reaction to these extremist waves being made, it might be a win that sacrifices other things that will affect our lives. And these stiff tariffs on U.S. agriculural products like wheat and soybeans could negative impact farmers throughout the U.S.

At what costs will this Trade War win bring about?

If Trump is to truly Make America Great Again, he needs to think more wisely and strategically, and not take an AR-15 to kill a fly which might kill the fly but damage the entire house in the process!

He needs to realize that our world economies are all interconnected in a very sensitive balance. And he needs to think ahead at technology and alternative energy like solar power and wind power.

Note: The stock market is subject to volatility. Trade at your own risk!

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