Glycemic Index

I think I did pretty good this Thanksgiving as far as eating healthy.

I ate mostly raw salads, juices and smoothies. And vegan sandwiches that were mostly raw.

The only thing bad I ate was mashed potatoes, which tend to have a high glycemic index.

Glycemic index (also glycaemic index, GI) is a ranking system for carbohydrates based on their effect on blood glucose levels. It compares available carbohydrates gram for gram in individual foods, providing a numerical, evidence-based index of postprandial (post-meal) glycemia. The concept was invented by Dr. David J. Jenkins and colleagues in 1981 at the University of Toronto.

Foods with a low Glycemic Index and are pretty much healthy for you are:

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, basmati rice and pasta.

Foods with a medium Glycemic Index:

Sucrose, candy bar, croissant, brown rice.

Foods with a high Glycemic Index are:

Corn flakes, baked potato, white rice and white bread.

A low GI food will release glucose more slowly and steadily. A high GI food causes a more rapid rise in blood glucose levels and is suitable for energy recovery after endurance exercise or for a person with diabetes experiencing hypoglycemia.

At the gig tonight I succumbed to drinking coffee. But, I ended up just taking a few sips and putting it down. Hopefully, for the most part, my coffee/caffeine drinking days are over. And along with that my Starbucks addiction, as I haven’t been a slave to a daily Starbucks mocha so far. It’s an expensive habit anyway.

The more one thinks about this, it does make perfect sense then that eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds is healthy for any kind of diet or lifestyle. And a vegan diet comprises of eating all of these foods.

Definitely, white rice and white bread are culprits. Even a baked potato has a high glycemic index.



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