Google Adds 9 New Search Option Tools

googleTo start off the month of October, Google officially announced the addition of 9 new Search Option tools to help users further refine their search capabilities.

In May 2009, Google added a “Search Options” feature that toggled a hidden sidebar to further enhance the user’s searching experience.



From the Google blog:

Today, we’re announcing nine new Search Options tools: past hour, specific date range, more shopping sites, fewer shopping sites, visited pages, not yet visited, books, blogs and news. These features have been rolling out gradually and will be available globally in English by the end of the day. You can try them yourself by searching Google and clicking “Show options” in the blue bar just under the logo.

Let’s briefly go over these new features:

Search Type

  • books
  • blogs
  • news


  • past hour
  • specific date range


  • more shopping sites
  • fewer shopping sites

Visited vs Unvisited Pages

  • visited pages
  • not yet visited



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