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Taking Stock of Grains

I have experimented with both the Zone Diet and the Paleo Diet once in my Life.

The thing is… being a drummer, I got to a point where I needed some grains to get through a 5 hour gig, or a double-header day.

As a matter of fact, I was at a point when I was doing an important gig at the now defunct Croce’s Top Hat in San Diego, when I felt sick and weak, and felt I couldn’t do the gig. At that time, I was on a strict Zone Diet. No grains.

For me at least, I’ve learned that I need a certain amount of grains in my diet. Which led me back to dietary philosophies like the Macrobiotic Diet, and the Asian Diet (being that I’m of Southeast Asian decent and we eat a lot of rice!).

Here’s the thing…

Too much rice is bad, yes. And, as you know from past articles I’ve posted, I’ve gone gluten-free, so nothing from wheat.

I do believe, however, that eating lots of fruits and vegetables gives you a LOT of nutrients, while also being low in calories. Great especially when trying to lose weight.

So, as of now, I’m trying my best to moderate my grain intake.

The Trump Stock Market Rally

I’m sipping my morning beverage (a smoothie as you may have guessed) and checking out the stock market this morning.

This week has been a big test for the so-called Trump Rally. You know, I think he shouldn’t take all the credit for it, and I’ve said this before. Apple Inc. had a big earnings report that shown record sales of the iPhone 7 Plus during the Holiday quarter. Naturally, the company is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) Market Cap stocks in the world. And it’s so big that if Apple’s stock goes up, it kind of takes the rest of the market with it. Kind of like a gravity effect the Moon has on the tides!

Anyway, the market is being tested this week, somehow. The rally isn’t as strong and we had a couple of red days at the start. The Trump Honeymoon COULD be over.

But, because I believe Apple has more to do with the Stock Market rally than Trump (who’s been taking a lot of heat since his inauguration), this rally is more dependent on Non-Trump factors than anything else.

My .02 cents…

Cron-o-meter Statistics

I’ve been experimenting with Cron-o-meter and applying different Vegan foods to my daily intake. And it’s been pretty enlightening so far.

Now keep in mind. Just eating a meat diet won’t get you all your nutrients. This is false. Even if you eat animal products, you have to eat a mostly plant-based diet to get ALL of your nutrients, while reducing saturated fats, sodium, sugar, white flour, cholesterol and other things that could cause a chronic illness later on down the road.

Anyway, here’s a snapshot of one of my better days on Cron-o-meter.

Overall Chart

I definitely burned more calories than I consumed. And I reached most of my targets while keeping my fat intake down.



The vitamin part is the easiest to achieve, and I usually am able to fulfill my vitamin requirements in the morning! And, it’s the easiest to go green. I typically get more than 100% here.



I have a harder time getting my 100% requirement of Minerals for some reason. And nope, mineral water won’t do the trick. In fact, there is a very low amount of minerals in mineral water.

Tough minerals for me to get are potassium, and sometimes calcium.



Fats (Lipids) are the easiest to get in the Standard American Diet (SAD). That’s why many of us have problems later in Life because of the fat intake.

Here, I’m always trying to get less than 100%. I’m doing good by getting Omega 3’s from chia seeds and flax seeds, but I have to boost my Omega 6 intake. Still doing more research on this. Maybe for a Vegan it’s not that important. I don’t know. All I know is that the Omega Fatty Acids are good for the heart if you are a meat eater.



Keep in mind. Protein that you eat gets broken down into the building blocks, anyway. And those building blocks are the amino acids. Our body can make most of them, but we need the essential amino acids below, which the human body can not produce.

I’m doing great here. But I always have a problem getting Methionine, for some reason. And, there are certain foods that I’m researching that are Vegan and contain a lot of Methionine. Brazil Nuts, for one, is a good Vegan source of this amino acid.


I’ll try to share my Cron-o-meter statistics again at a later time. It takes a bit of time and effort to measure and weigh the food. But, at least I believe it’s very advantageous to monitor one’s food intake with greater accuracy. At least, once a week to make sure you know what your eating.



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