Heaven Forbid, Should You Get Banned by Google!


Well, getting banned, or getting your site taken off Google is a major big deal.

But we shouldn’t fear this action if we follow the outlines for maintaining a website that is credible and not perceived as a spamming site.

Still, as a webmaster I think that would be my biggest fear, getting banned from either Google or Facebook. At the same time, one’s online “cred” is lost and you’d have to find some way to get it back.

Things That Could Get You Banned from Google

There are a few criteria that could get you banned from the Google search engine. Again, I stress that it’s like committing digital Seppuku, (or better known as Harakiri).

If your site is removed from Google’s Index, it might due to one of the following reasons:

Nonsensical Verbiage

Any web pages that contain content that doesn’t make sense, seems to be randomly generated but containing specific keywords, just might get banned from Google.

Often this will consist of paragraphs of random text that makes no sense to the reader but which may contain search keywords.

Linking Schemes

Selling and buying links in order to boost a site’s page rank can get a site banned from Google.

This is a scary area, as there are a few services out there aimed at buying and selling links. The idea being that you can buy the opportunity to post a link to your site or service on a high traffic site, boosting your visibility and possibly increasing your PageRank on Google.

Of course, the higher the PageRank, the more valuable your site becomes on Google.

But in the end, it all boils down to relevant content, and content that is valuable to your visitors.

Cloaking Site Content

Something I don’t know much about, but should. But basically, it has to do with deceptive practices of allowing Google to index a site as a certain type of content, but showing users something else.

In the above video, the analogy of having Google index a web page as a Disney cartoon, but showing visitors porn instead. Bad stuff!

Shady Website Activity

Sneaky redirects, hidden text or links, doorway pages, scraped content are website activities that can get you banned from the Google Index.

Abusing Affiliate Programs

This is something that worries me, because I am an affiliate for several products that get advertised on this site. But basically, if you excessively post affiliate banners and ads on your site and not include relevant, valuable content to your visitors; this can get you banned from Google.

Other Suspicious Practices

These would include any means to generate automated queries to Google related to your site. Also, rich snippets markup, hackeresque activities and spamming would fall into this category.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Of course, being honest and sincere when it comes to serving content to your visitors, and having Google index your site and knowing the content is relevant and valuable to your audience, is important.

Maintaining ethical and morals standards, and avoiding schemes and shady practices to boost your PageRank on Google is equally important.

Sources: Google’s webmaster guidelines



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