Hiking Trails: Discovering a Secret Place on Mt. Rubidoux

Every week I try to hike Mt. Rubidoux.

I hiked it again yesterday, and this time I brought my backpack since I knew the weather was going to be sunny and in the 90s. I needed to use the water reservoir for a convenient supply of cool water.

Before the water reservoir I used water bottles, and I would freeze them overnight so they’d slowly melt and remain cold during the hikes. The new “gel” reservoir can also be frozen overnight and you can add cold water to keep a steady supply of cool water during hot days. And, I’ll even add ice cubes into the water reservoir.

Yesterday’s Stats

Trail: Mt. Rubidoux
Activity: Hiking and Walking
Mileage: 3.86
Hours: 1.63

Rubidoux 10.16.12

Discovering a Secret Place

On this particular hike I accidentally discovered a secret spot near the Mt. Rubidoux Cross (in the Summit area).

Secret Place on Mt. Rubidoux

To Get To The Spot

  • 1. Looking West toward the Cross on the paved asphalt area (just before the steps leading up to the Cross), go to the far right of the steps.
  • 2. There will be a small set of steps leading to a “balcony area” made of stones.
  • 3. To the left of this “balcony”, you should see more steps leading down.
  • 4. You will follow a trail that leads around the corner to the left.
  • 5. Keep going on this trail and it should lead to a secret spot with tall boulders that protect it. This is the secret place and I think most people that come here don’t know about this place.

Photos of the Secret Place

This secret place has a little graffiti here, which is sad, but for the most part this is a nice place where one can get some shade in midday. And, there are some great views looking between the boulders.






In this last photo, I was looking up at the Cross and it was close to midday with the sun beating down on a certain spot of this secret place, but for the most part there is plenty of shade to rest from the heat.

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There is also what appears to be a tunnel or cave area but I didn’t explore how far it goes, and it’s made up of boulders. It would be nice if this somehow led back up to the Cross. Maybe I’ll take a closer look next time I’m there.

Have you been to Mt. Rubidoux? Leave a comment below…



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