Hiking Trails: The Mega Trails Route on Mt. Rubidoux

YESTERDAY I TACKLED MT. RUBIDOUX AGAIN, but not like I’ve usually done in the past.

This time, I walked the asphalt road, which included the larger lower loop and the smaller upper loop as usual, but I also hiked from the summit to the West end, then back across to the East end. Then, from the East end I went back to the summit area.

Basically, this was a very intense workout because of the hiking portion over rocky terrain, and climbing over boulders at times.

My logic was to test myself with a backpack, hiking as many downhill and uphill trails as possible and train hard for the upcoming Mt. Baldy ascent. This ended up being a very grueling workout that was hard on the knees.

Yesterday’s Stats

Trail: Mt. Rubidoux
Activity: Hiking and Walking
Mileage: 4.14
Hours: 1.98

Rubidoux 10.17.12 Mega Trails

Random Notes

All in all, this was a grueling hike for me. I had been feeling soreness in my right knee the past few days, and I’ve been icing it. But after this latest hike my left knee felt tweaked and sore as well.

I’m definitely resting today.

But this was a good test for me, and it makes me wonder if I’m really ready for Mt. Baldy and other summits over 10,000 feet (like Mt. San Jacinto). I can say that after this latest hike I’m not quite ready, or perhaps I need to just rest up, being that I’ve been pushing myself hard these past few weeks.

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