How Meditation Can Help Us

how can meditation help us if we simply sit quietly, close our eyes and do nothing but listen to our breath for 10 minutes or more?

most people (including myself) always underestimate the power of meditation… that the act of doing nothing seems non-productive.

but, many of us are slaves to our five senses. and meditation is a means of controlling the mind’s attachment to the senses, by studying our inner dialogue, and thus doing self-analysis on our own minds.

if you close your eyes and focus on your breath, chances are you’ll still be thinking of certain thoughts, since they will automatically pop up in your mind… for example, you might be thinking about what you’ll want for dinner, or you are thinking about a job-related task that needs to be done, or you might even be wondering why you are meditating in the first place.

let your mind allow these thoughts to surface. watch them from the perspective of an outsider watching your own thoughts drift in and out of your mind.

chances are you’ll be thinking of multiple things all at once. so just watch and observe as if you were peering into your own mind from outside of yourself.

watch these thoughts come and go, but at the same time try to make them disappear until only one thought at a time is flowing through your mind.

when you are able to make these trails of thought disappear, and you are focused only on your breathing and the current awareness of your body, your mind should become crystal clear.

the analogy is like ripples in a pond. your thoughts are like pebbles creating the ripples. eliminate the thoughts and the mind becomes crystal clear like a glass-like pond with no ripples.

dwelling in a state of mental clarity and achieving this sort of calmness, one improves on the control of the mind.

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