Nostalgic Trends: How Much Did It Cost in the 1960s?

The 1960s (aka The Sixties) was marked by a revolution and counterculture in Music, Arts, Fashion, hairstyles, drugs, and sexual freedom. The 1960s was also marked by demonstrations against the government and The Vietnam War, and assassinations of prominent leaders unfortunately occurred during The Sixties.

So, How Much Did It Cost in the 1960s?

A while back, I wrote a post about what things cost back in 1950.

I mainly wanted to compare prices back then to current prices today.

I grew up in the 1960s listening to The Beatles, eating TV dinners in front of the “black and white” television set, watching I Love Lucy, and enjoying life without internet access and cell phone technology.

Price Comparison

Product 1965 2009
Median Household Income $6,100 $48,855
Minumum Wage $1.25 $7.25
1st Class Postage Stamp $0.05 $0.44
1 Gallon of Regular Gasoline $0.31 $2.47
1 Gallon of Milk $0.95 $2.99
Movie Tickets $1.00 $11.00
Avg Price of a House $21,500 $258,000
A Dozen Eggs $0.53 $1.79

Sources:   1970s FlashbackU.S. House PricesAverage U.S. Movie Tickets

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